It’s Monday afternoon, the sun is (mostly) shinning here in Halifax, yet many of us are stuck, as I am, behind a desk, instead of running amok and rocking out in the streets. Fuck that. When you have the power of rock within you, as you and I surely do, four walls cannot contain you. So then, this afternoon, we are all this be-jorted and radical gentleman rocking out in the streets of Toronto in the new video for The Motorleague’s North America.

This fist-pump of a ready-radio anthem is the first single off the Moncton-bred outfits’ new album Acknowledge, Acknowledge, and I want to play it loud and often. I confess that although not really familiar with their catalog, I associated them with the very heaviest of the metals, but the Gaslight Anthemery of this track will having me checking out their album on the double.