Here’s the deal. If you write a very catchy rap song, name it after a delicious french sandwich, film a video for it here in Halifax that is like a somewhat less mustachioed version of Sabotage, I’ll post said video on the hill no questions asked. That’s what we have right here, the new video from SJ The Wordburglar for Croque Monsieur off his last album 3RDBURGLAR. If you’re not familiar with SJ, he’s a very witty dude and you can bet a Wordburglar song will be packed with more good lines than a party at Rob Ford’s house (GET IT), and Croque Monsieur is no exception. Throw in a dope, action adventure beat from Beatmason, Uncle Fester’s razor sharp cuts, and you’re living large.

Enjoy the vid, and if you’re in T.O. for NXNE, you can catch him Thursday, June 13th at Sneaky Dee’s.