Let’s start this with the required hat tip. Without the tuneful ears and talented pens over at Said the Gramophone, I’d still be in the dark, instead of basking in the Magnesium like glow of Ought.

And that glow is spectacular. The Montreal based popsters burn with the intensity of instantaneous affection, but also conjure the lasting love of institutions like David Byrne and Sonic Youth. Seriously, More Than Any Day is delightful, organized chaos. Frantic melodies and fragmented sounds stitched together to create lasting, fluid moments.

There is talent here, talent that is released without inhibition. Ideas are explored and maximized, but never left to stagnate. Remarkably, what you’d expect to be a spontaneous stream of consciousness is peppered with lasting and deep lyrical content. These songs make immediate impact, but the rewards are far from fleeting.

For me, the high point of the EP is delivered with the thundering drums, dancing guitar lines of “Today More Than Any Other Day.” In today’s apathetic, digital society we are often left waiting for greatness to present itself. For these four-minutes, Ought forces us to see the joy of each seemingly mundane moment we are dealt in life. They aren’t selling epic highs, but rather helping us finding the wonder of each day and somehow making the choice between 2% and whole milk seem as monumental as the sacking of Rome.

WEB:: http://ought.bandcamp.com/