Yeah, this post is late, but hot damn kilogram, the Toronto Urban Roots Festival starts today and the lineup makes The Murderers’ Row look like the 7/8/9 slot the Jays are throwing out there lately.

This four day festival isn’t littered with buzzy bands playing stages too big for their own songs; no, the days are full of talent that with the songs and stage presence required to entertain a huge crowd. Instead of shitty of the moment synth tones and gimmicks raps, TURF offers names like She & Him, Joel Plaskett, JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE (!!!), Dawes, The Hold Steady, the Barr Brothers, FRANK TURNER (!!!)… oh, and the chance to see Neko Case followed by Belle & Sebastian as the sun sets on Sunday.

Make no mistakes, these are the days you remember.

Here’s the complete schedule. Get your tickets now.