To see the world through a new set of eyes. To experience color in only the most vivid form. To see motion in the inanimate. These are the gifts we get from talented writers, painters and sculptures.

Michael Silver - a.k.a. CFCF - has never been at a loss for inspiration, but his new EP showcases a deeper appreciation for the world he lives in than you often get from electronic compositions. These songs aren’t meant to be dance floor escapes or an exercise in making inorganic textures mirror the vast beauty of nature. These compositions are a tribute to the seemingly insignificant items stored on desks and shelves.

This effort, for lack of a better description, is more an introverted exercise in art than it is an attempt to create inclusive music. Silver uses minimal arrangements to personify the objects in his life. He doesn’t use his synths, percussion and piano to craft hooks, instead opting for fragments to demonstrate the fragility and characteristics of his subjects. It’s musical still life, and like a great painter, Silver manages to add depth to the seemingly simple bowls of fruit.

Objects is not accessible, but it’s remarkably personal. These songs aren’t diary entries of heartache or loss. They are more consistent and relevant. These songs are the world the Mike Silver lives in, not a fictional account his decides to share to those that will listen. Objects isn’t for everybody, but it shows why CFCF should be.

Pre-order Objects from Paper Bag Records now.