The other day I found myself in the incredibly music nerdy debate over whether or not an artist simply writing good songs in a tried and true style is of value. I reside firmly in the “aye” camp. I’m always happy to hear bands crush new songs that easily fit in the nostalgic golden ages of hip hop and indie rock.

Hermetic, a crunchy two-piece from Vancouver, falls directly into that sweet spot. There’s nothing shocking about their new release - Heartbreakology is fuzzy, melodic indie rock that sounds better the louder it gets - and the songs are all the better for it. Seriously, if you can’t find enjoyment from blasting “Company You Keep” out of your car this Summer, you need to make some better life decisions.

This limited edish cassette is full of quick hitters that deliver big impact; college radio anthems for a new generation of listeners. When they ask “why bother?” on the dark thumper “Goodness Greatness/Murder Ballad”, the answer is obvious. They write these songs because they sound great and that’s something more bands need to remember when they decide to cram mandolins, slide whistles, banjo, and choirs to fancy up the mix (or offer up a heartfelt, stripped down Springsteen cover).

You want an easy analogy to describe why you should love Hermetic? Have you ever been lured to a bbq with the promise of ribs. Your mouth starts watering instantly, but the host hands you a couple hunks of some dry, pineapple glazed nonsense? Thanks for the effort, but where’s the bbq sauce that leaves my fingers looking gross and tastes amazing? Hermetic is that delicious sauce.*


* For all you vegans, I’d guess you can find some similar analogy on Thug Kitchen. I’d also guess I don’t want to hear what that analogy is.