There’s a scene in Almost Famous that is quoted so much that it’s become cliche, but the sincere intent of the moment is crucial to the film.

“What do you love about music?”
“To begin with… everything.”

That love of music, a love that lets three-minutes of strummed guitar actually change your life. I don’t know if that love still exists, but Jerry Leger is a 2013 reincarnation of Russell Hammond’s spirit.

If you know this songwriter at all, you know how important music is to him. Not just writing and performing, but consuming and studying. He falls in love with the greats, and writes to progress their art.

I’m not sure if throwbacks like Leger have a home in today’s world; one where shitty synths and low talent disguised as lo-fi are celebrated so openly. I really have no idea anymore, but when you hear Leger harmonize with Serena Ryder on “All Over Again”, you can’t help but hope. The band supports the vocals with fiddle, twinkled ivories and percussion and the end result is understated, high quality roots.

For lack of a better description, this song is pretty.