When Apollo Ghosts called it quits, they left a giant void in my (completely fictional) “Favorite Vancouver Band” list. The Shilohs are trying hard to claim the title.

So Wild is a delightful record, full of whip smart hooks and crisp pop melodies, but one that doesn’t fit into the trademark grit and noise that defines the scene in the glass city.

Thankfully people are listening and the band is heading south of the border for a US tour. To whet some American appetites, they released a video for “English Roads.” This b-side was the song that made me fall in love with the band, and the video suits the emotion of the song perfectly. There is little we won’t do for love and nothing that compares to crippling heartbreak; we exist for grand gestures that move mountains and pain that fuels art, but the moments that fill up our lives while we search for something meaningful are what life is all about.

WEB:: http://theshilohs.bandcamp.com/