Sometimes it’s too easy to add a back story to a piece of art. Without question, the new EP from Calgary’s Gold will be saddled by sadness and reflection. These four songs were recorded by the late Chris Reimer and he was the drummer for the session. Knowing this is the last piece of recorded music he was involved with adds significance and unavoidable melancholy, but hopefully won’t define the work.

Reimer’s percussion and creativity did help shape the end results, the band is driven by Kaelen Ohm and Rena Kozak and their shimmering guitar work and vocal interplay. The four songs could be quantified as shoegaze or dream pop, but there is something more at play than the beautiful sound scapes associated with both.

Matthew Swann’s basslines bounce around the dueling guitars and swirling vocals work, and Reimer’s percussion give pace and energy. Without question, these spacey melodies take flight, but the songs stick as much as they float. Songs like “Drugs” and “Losing My Hair” aren’t celestial events streaking across the night sky, they are much more permanent.

It’s sad to know that Reimer’s life was cut short and this project can never continue to develop in the same way, but the end result is a fitting tribute to a good man and a quick look into a band with the potential to become something lasting and significant on it’s own merit.

Losing Your Hair is available in a very limited run courtesy of the good folks at Mammoth Cave Recording Co.