Cleverly disguised under the NPR worthy notion of fictional events in small town America, Pat LePoidevin offers us an engaging slice of Canadiana. American Fiction is set in towns like Canby, OR and Centralia, PA but Pat’s inspiration is actually drawn from years of living in rural Canadian outcroppings.

LePoidevin wants what we all want. These ten songs ask “who am I?”, but he looks for answers by trying to understand who we are. This exploration is not of uniqueness, but in how we all connect and relate. These characters, these moments; American Fiction proudly presents salt of the earth citizens growing through decisions we all must make.

On the surface, these songs are of tattered clothing and worn denim, but in reality, they are documenting the fabric of life. Little league fields, coaches, Girl Guides, broken hearts and family heritage. They resonate like the best moments of Friday Night Lights. They are encapsulations of small town, ideal living. LePoidevin might not be singing of the best death metal band in Denton, Texas or the rapid fall of injured high school football stars, but the detail and charm he adds to everyday people and events is much aligned to John Darnielle’s earlier work and equally as addictive.

And while not recorded on a beat up boom box, musically, these songs grow from equally humble and universal elements. Acoustic strums, percussion and well placed horns drive these stories forward. These arrangements are unassuming and subtle, but that doesn’t cheapen the end result or take away from the beauty and importance of the effort.

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