Yep, we’re back with the latest installment in our series of posts featuring each act on the Polaris Prize. short list. This happens to be a very timely post as there was plenty of Polaris buzz yesterday, when both the list of performers for the gala and the members of the Grand Jury that will decide the prize were announced. These seven short listed acts will hit the Polaris stage on September 23rd: Zaki Ibrahim, Metric, METZ, Purity Ring, A Tribe Called Red, Whitehorse and Young Galaxy.

This post sees us featuring perhaps the most “popular” of the acts playing the aforementioned gala, modern rock radio mainstays Metric. The video for Youth Without Youth is a rather stark and overtly serious (and or tongue-in-cheek, I honestly can’t tell) visual companion for this song of lost youth from their nominated album Synthetica. The song and video work well together in that they both exude tremendous amounts of Metricness. Please don’t ask me what I mean by that, as I don’t really know, but something about them finding a sound and style that works for them and they’ve become so incredibly good at all of it that it almost seems over done at times. Or something. However, the fact remains that Synthetica’s inclusion marks the third time Metric have been on the short list - it’s an impressive achievement and one they deserve some hearty kudos for. But the question is….

Will it Win?
No. And I mean that with all due respect, as I enjoy some of Metric’s songs a great deal, but I don’t see them taking the title. Admittedly, I’m not intimately familiar with the Metric canon, so I can’t say whether or not this album will rise above their previous entries and see them finish on top. I’m just guessing their familiarity got them on the latter slots of many ballots, and unless there are a couple of staunch Metric die-hards on the grand jury, they’ll be leaving without the giant novelty check once again. Oh well, at least they got to soundtrack a successful Blue Jays season this ye….oh, right. Anyway, good luck to Metric, here’s hoping they prove me wrong.