It’s back to school time. This is not a time that I thought about much during the years after I finally graduated and started my slow march toward dea…err, working, but having kids forces you to relive that time a bit. Hearing your children talking about their interactions with other kids at school, both good and bad, usually brings your own school memories to the fore, and who amongst us doesn’t have one or more tales of un-requited schoolhouse love in our past? So what I’m taking forever to say here is that D-Sisive’s latest video for Friend Of Mine, featuring pint-size versions of D and Muneshine is topical AND enjoyable.

Some time ago I seem to remember D and Mune talking about changing directions and going away from straight rap shiz, and perhaps more songs along these lines is what they had in mind. A light-hearted, thoughtful tale of young love with a sing-songy hook over guitar strums and keys is not the first time D has deviated from his traditional formula, but he seems as comfortable as eighty dollar Jordan sweats doing it.