Today’s words are not my own. They are much more focused and creative. More telling and true. Marine Dreams is set to release Corner of the Eye, a collection of melodies and words that should subtlety shift our musical landscape. They might seem like tiny movements, but the impact - hopefully - will be monumental. I am not sure if it’s the record of the year, but it’s certainly a record for the the ages. I’m incredibly thankful that Ian Kehoe took the time to describe the inspiration of his songs and sounds. Enjoy. **

This morning I read that two separate scientists, within one week, announced publicly their belief in the probability that life began on Mars and was carried to earth on a piece of rock sent flying into space by a meteor. I also saw photographs of a jaguar hunting and killing a large camen. These two stimulating journalistic pieces will become avenues for my thoughts to take and become lost in for the rest of the day. At this moment, while writing, I am listening to Introspective by the Pet Shop Boys and reading a few very short lines of poetry written five hundred years ago by the poet, Tu Fu (sometimes called Du Fu). I’ve been flattered to be asked to write something describing the things that influenced me in making the new Marine Dreams album, Corner of the Eye. This is hard for me to answer simply and briefly.

Thankfully, above this text, is a photograph by an outstanding photographer, my friend, Colin Medley. This photograph of me stirring and smelling a simple, creamy pasta sauce helps to explain how I am influenced to try and produce anything creatively, like a song. It even tells a good deal why and how I write a song. Looking at the photograph, I see myself very deeply involved in my smelling and stirring. I see my own sensuality. I believe I see myself in a state and during a moment that a song might pass by – a moment of influence!

From my experience, it seems that unknown combinations of my morning stimuli and daily living as seen in the moment captured here, multiplied by a couple weeks, will usually be fuel enough for an album of music. It was this combination that gave me the luxury of writing and recording Corner of the Eye. Probably and hopefully, it will be these combinations – our potentially extra-terrestrial heritage, electronic pop music, the savagery and beauty of nature, the act of writing this tiny explanation – that will give other albums a home in my life, too.


** Today marks a shift in programming for me on the Hill. I’ve lost the drive to keep writing on a daily basis, tired of hunting for a glimmer that I can expose and share. Moving forward, I’m going to focus on one record a week - there might be multiple posts, like this week with a glimpse into the artist’s brain, as well as a review - but I’d rather use the time to put my heart back into the writing and talk about records I truly hope you buy. I’d rather find inspiration in music that matters to me, and hopefully make it matter to you too. We’re still here and will still be listening, but I just can’t keep this pace any longer.