Whenever you hear “African influence”, it’s usually an easy way for a PR pro to warn you that you’re about to get a face full of Fela. Brace yourself for those trademark Afrobeat horns, tribal percussion and pseudo-politically charged verses.

Sadly, in most cases, the end result is usually similar to a vulture picking a carcass clean.

Doug Tielli uses those same building blocks in a much different way. “Water Falls” is primal, and without question places us in the Plateau continent, but this song still takes the shape of a traditional folk song. It’s a fresh take, but still as infectious as the African rhythms we’ve all come to know and love.

And while this exploration is incredibly successful, Tielli’s new solo record, Keresley, is far from one note. Recorded in the Coventry suburbs, the songs not only take us to new locations, they span generations and time. These songs are proof that influence and inspiration aren’t a singular journey and familiar textures can still be manipulated in new manners. When you settle into the full record, you hear South American sounds and, well, the sounds of the American south. They are rooted in Europe folk and jazz, and maybe only found thanks to a missed connection. Soak this in, folks.

Soundcloud link:: Water Falls
WEB:: https://www.facebook.com/dougtielli