I fucking needed these. Normally, I embrace sadness and am quite happy to exist in a wash of broken hearts and protagonists left to wander aimlessly through life. I’m quick to point out studies that attempt to prove the value of sad songs or comment on the brilliance of stand-up comics talking about the beauty of being alone.

But this week was different. I needed something joyous. Something warm. Something comforting. As cliche as this sounds, I was the target audience for those chicken soup books.

When Silverkeys - the new project from longtime hill favorite Adam Waito and Rebecca Lessard - started recording, I doubt it was an attempt to nourish broken souls. No, these doo wap, synth compositions seem more fun loving and of the moment. “The Lamb in the Garden” is an impossible combination of good things. Hand claps, jangled guitar, tinny keys and echoing female backing vocals are hard to ignore on their own, but when they are all added to the stock with precise measurements,

Silverkeys still offers hints of darkness - “Meteor Witness” could have easily snuck onto Adam’s last (beautiful) record - but these songs are full of love and smiles.

If any good came out of this past week, it’s that I’m not alone and certainly don’t want to be. I have a loving wife and two fantastic sons. I have family and supportive friends that I can count on when things are the darkest. It’s almost impossible to shake free from some of the chains sadness slaps around your ankles and wrists, but knowing you are surrounded by people that can pick locks or hammer through wrought iron really is a gift.

WEB:: http://silverkeys.bandcamp.com/