Much like Dolly Parton back in the day, Paper Bag Records is crushing it right now. This fall alone, the Toronto label is offering up new records from Moonface, CFCF, YT // ST and an Elliott Brood re-release that you should be pre-ordering right now.

What’s most impressive is that none of those qualify as the most exciting release from the label. That honor is bestowed upon the Tim Hecker’s new record, “Virgins.”

The lead single, “Virginal II”, is a well executed, slow build. The piano that starts the song sets an ominous tone, but the confidence with which Hecker starts to chip away at simple pure sound with distorted layers of synth and feedback is unreal. These five plus minutes are an exercise in control and restraint. Despite all of the sounds Hecker adds to the arrangement, the end result is remarkably clear. There is no all consuming swell, no rushing torrent. Virginals II moves as slowly as the tide, and is just as powerful.