Better put the pedal to the metal if I’m going to finish posting on each video from the Polaris Prize short-list. Just means I can’t be writing a novel each time out, but that likely won’t be an issue today as we discuss our sixth short-listed act, bass saxophone master Colin Stetson.

I say that only because I am perhaps the least qualified person I can think of to discuss the artistic merits of Stetson’s work. Obviously he’s an incredibly talented guy; the list of people he’s worked with is like a love note to music nerds and his solo work is innovative and unlike anything you’re likely to hear elsewhere. And just considering the fact that he’s gotten his album of (mostly) instrumental, bass saxophone-based songs onto a list like this is very impressive. So the question is…

Will It Win?
Maybe? It seems like most of the the proponents of Colin’s album, New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light are %100 all in. So, while there are surely many people like me, who couldn’t see this as the best Canadian album of the year (but would likely not admit it in the Polaris setting, for fear of getting shouted down, Seinfeld/Ribbon style), there are tons willing to go to bat for it. If there’s a move away from the more mainstream-style winners of the last couple years, ol’ Colin might take top honours.