Time waits for no man (or woman! Get with the times, sayings). It’s certainly not going to wait for me to get my act together enough to fulfil my promise to post a video from all the Polaris Prize shortlisted acts before the gala on September 23rd. So let us push on with a video from the fifth act on the list, Purity Ring.

Purity Ring is comprised of Edmonton natives Megan James and Corin Roddick. Roddick provides the shimmery musical backdrops for James to drape her beautiful voice over. The internet fell in love with the duo after their songs began to pop up with little info about them a couple years ago, so it’s little surprise surprise to see their début, Shrines make the list this year. The ripped-from-a-movie mood & premise of the video for the stuttering & sublime Fineshrine seems to capture the vibe of their album, which, I should mention, is really quite enjoyable, rather well. So then, we’re left with the big question…

Will It Win?
I would be very surprised. Not because it’s not deserving, but I’m thinking they might split votes with Young Galaxy, who have a similar aesthetic if somewhat different sounds (PR has a rather unique, modern EDM sound of their own, while YG seems more new wave inspired, but that’s just my take). However, if there are any staunch EDM (I’m trying to avoid saying chillwave here) proponents on the Grand Jury, then Purity Ring might be in with a shout. And hey, it seems like Megan lived in Halifax for a time, so they get the obligatory bonus points for a Haltown connection.