The Polaris Prize! People are talking about it! Well, perhaps not many actual people are, but at least everyone on the Internet is! But enough with the exclamation points. Since everyone is still huffing the Polaris vapours, let’s post up a vid from an album that’ll be on next year’s short-list.

That album is Flying Colours, from the much-loved Shad, which will drop on October 15th. Based on the (deserved) admiration almost everyone in Canadian music has for this talented emcee (who, coincidently, co-hosted this year’s Polaris Gala), as well as the quality of the first couple tracks from the new album (he released the video for Stylin’ during the summer), I cannot envision any scenario whereby it doesn’t make it onto next year’s short-list.

Watch this video for Fam Jam, an incredibly catchy, yet smart and cutting tribute to the tribulations and successes of new Canadian Families and tell me this isn’t the kind of music we should be championing? I’m sorry, but the mere notion that Drake gets consideration for the Polaris makes me go all Mugatu. But whatever, kids (and trend-sucking music journos it seems) love terrible shit and old people complain about it - that’s how the world works. But let’s set aside our differences and all vote Shad for Mayor, Prime Minister and Polaris champ in 2014.