Bloody Diamonds have the kind of name that seems to be de rigueur in our current digital music age: one that makes me think they must be some Brooklyn or Sweden-based buzz band every time I hear it. That’s not really the fault of this young Halifax foursome, more a product of the endless PR emails one gets when running a fairly well-regarded but largely unknown CDN music website. Luckily the folks from Blood Diamonds caught my attention with a direct email and won me over after I checked out their new 7″ Monsters.

Bloody Diamonds is based on a core of guitarist Jake Seaward and vocalist Sara Elizabeth, with a sound that is a result of “combining Sara’s dark, eerie melodies with Jake’s crunchy blues riffs”. That is crystal clear on Monsters’ title track, a rumination on self-doubt that alternates between Elizabeth’s aggressive lilt and slow-burning, trunk rattling riffs. The B-Side, Bright Lights Darling, is more of a straight-ahead garage rocker, but also a great song. These two gems had me checking out the band’s first record They’ve Got Secrets, and I have to say, I like what I hear there so far as well. If you like what you hear, you can catch the band touring the shit out of Eastern Canada during the latter part of November.