Uhhhh, there are two things you need to be very concerned with ASAP:

1) The 2013 edition of the Halifax Pop Explosion is but a mere ten days away.

2) You can create playlists on the Soundclouds.

To be fair, if you’re reading this, there’s at least a 75% chance that you know exactly when this year’s HPX is kicking off. And you don’t really need to even worry about number two, because I’ve taken the liberty of creating a big-ass playlist featuring some forty-five songs from folks playing this year’s festival. My lost afternoon at work is your gain.

So what should you be concerned with? I don’t know, Global Warming, Drake’s continued popularity, the fact that gigantic wasps are probably going to take over the earth? Oh, and I suppose if you don’t have tickets to this year’s festival, you should likely be concerned about that. In the meantime, enjoy the songs and Happy (CDN) Thanksgiving.