Well this is it, Pop Explosion week here in Halifax. These five days are the best time of the year for music enthusiasts in our city, with some 200 bands invading our every nook and cranny for show after show of live music goodness. Hopefully you’re here for the festival and will spend the week checking out some of your current favourites and discovering some new ones. With that spirit of musical discovery in mind I thought I’d post on one of the acts that I’d never heard of but stood out to me whilst I was compiling a rather unnecessarily long playlist of the bands at this year’s HPX. That would be Jonah Richard Guimond, aka JonahMeltWave.

I’m 17 years old. I make music in my bedroom.

Bedroom electro-instrumental music from a guy less than half my age isn’t normally what I go on the hunt for when I’m looking for hill-posting material, but, as we know, there is no future in fronting on what you like. From the first moments, the knocking drums and glossy xylophone-like sounds of Growing Up had me nodding along and going in search of more. The more I found was Jonah’s debut, self-titled LP, which you can grab gratis from his Bandcamp. It’s great stuff, featuring a mix of some lighter, almost tropical elements employed often by hill-faves Southern Shores, with the layered synth sound of someone like CFCF.

Hopefully there’s more material coming from young Mr. MeltWave in the future, but if you’re doing HPX you can see him do his thing live at Company House tomorrow night.