In January, I was one over by the first smatterings of music from The Reference Desk. Usually, reviews are like bad fashion choices or mod haircuts; you can’t help but cringe when you revisit your choices. But that one… fits.

The Reference Desk is the type of band that’s often overlooked in today’s scene. Kristina Parlee, Andrew Glencross and Meg Yoshida haven’t set sail for foreign lands in search of new influences and sparkling treasures. The trio is firmly rooted on the East Coast, and proud of the indie rock sound that often defines our coastal locale.

It would be easy to just dub these these two songs as gritty, guitar, bass and drum college rock anthems and move on, but they deserve more. Instead of lavish creations shellacked until perfect and unpenetrable or fragmented noise decayed until it’s unrecognizable, these songs are happy to be exactly what they are. Big riffs delivered by friends whose only goal is to write good songs and have some fun.

Look, I know molecular gastronomy is cool and all, but sometimes you just want a fucking burger that explodes with flavors you have loved as long as you can remember.

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