OK! HPX is in full swing, so what are you going to see tonight? Certainly there are many great choices, but one of the standouts has to be Wavves at Olympic Hall. Why, well I assume the atmosphere in there will be fairly electric, with the anticipation for the somewhat notorious headliners probably reaching a fever pitch, but you can also start the night with two of Halifax’s best bands: OUTTACONTROLLER and Cold Warps.

You can find praise for either outfit here on the hill, but I’m posting on OUTTACONTROLLER because I loved Don’t Play Dumb and I hadn’t heard anything new from them since. It seems they put out a cassette a little while ago, now up on their Bandcamp, which is four new songs, covers (of Ladytron & The Nerves) and a couple live songs. It’s more great stuff from this Halifax foursome, raucous power pop tunes about girls, ghosts, friends and enemies. Plus, the cover made me cassette-nostalgic in a major way, and Side A begins with snippets related to Atari, Karate Kid action figures and Casino taxi. Enough said.