Toronto! Uhhhh, how’s it going? Perhaps you’ve heard, but Canada’s largest city has been having a few “issues” with it’s mayor of late. I sense this is weighing heavily on the shoulders of Hogtown’s denizens, so how about a little something today to remind us all of Toronto the good? How about helping birth Canadian hip hop for starters? After all, Toronto gave us Maestro Fresh Wes, and without Wes Backbone Sliding his way into Canadian charts and conciousness in ’89, there might not be any Canadian rap worth talking about. And you know what that would mean: NO DRAKE. A world without that velvet-ensconced hitmaker is not a world I want to live in.

So then, let’s celebrate Toronto’s hip hop heritage with this video from Dan-E-O’s recent EP, Immortal. Three legendary Toronto emcees doing an updated take on a Biz classic? Maestro? Kish? Yes, yes and yes.

C’mon Toronto, you’re doing ok!