As we are currently experiencing a reprieve from the full onset of winter with Spring like temperatures in Halifax, I thought it appropriate to post this video from We Were Lovers, which is a beautifully shot homage to days spent outside in blissful, carefree sunshine. It’s also rather topical because this Saskatoon based duo of Elsa Gebremichael and Ashley Lamothe have a new album, Pyramids, that they about to release next week.

The Ack actually posted Islands over a year ago, dubbing it “a musical passport to remote locations we only see in film or fantasy”, and the video certainly has a dreamy, fantastical vibe. The tiniest bit of google-stalk about WWL will produce countless references to snyth-pop as a descriptor for the duo, but while there are plenty of synthy sounds on Islands and Jealous Lovers, the second single they’ve release from the album, they offer a much broader sound than you’d expect. Jealous Lovers, for example, features more of a groovy, disco-ish sound than your average electro/synth pop outfit. It also doesn’t hurt the cause that Elsa’s voice can take you on a dreamy voyage all on it’s own.

If you’re looking for a musical escape over the frigid next few months, I’m thinking WWL what have what you need with Pyramids.