Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Album: Madvillainy
Artist: Madvillain

Madvillainy is the product of a meeting of the minds between two of the underground's most talented, and prolific mad scientists: MF Doom and Madlib. The science here is simple if you enjoy MF Doom, you will love this. As an homage to Doom's stream of consciousness rhyme style I will review this album through random thoughts generated as I listened to it.

  • Track 2, Accordion, uses a nice accordion sample to very cool effect. I think it's fair to say there isn't enough accordion in hip hop. Doom also rhymes bowflex with Joe Tex in this song.

  • MF Doom shouts out the duo's aliases on Bistro: King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn, Quasimoto, and Yesterday's New Quintet. I know which is which but I'm going to smugly keep it to myself.

  • Either Madlib or Doom (perhaps both) has a crazy collection of 50's/60's type samples. More likely Doom, as he's used them on both his MF Doom and Viktor Vaughn projects.

  • - I thought Redman & Method Man were going to call their joint album 'America's Most Blunted'. Oh well that's the name of track 6 and the first single I think.

  • - Doom tries his hand at ODB style drunken singing on Rainbows. I'm assuming he's drunk, he might very well be sober and singing in a drunken style.

  • Money Folder is a tight jam. Is has a drum & bass-ish beat that somehow sounds good with Doom's offbeat flow which switches to a smooth jazz sample in the middle to match one of Doom's lyrics.

  • Operation Lifesaver aka Mint Test is about Doom meeting a chick in a bar and giving her the "do you need a breath mint" test. Which presumably just means does she have the stink breath. I guess even super villains appreciate the fresh breath.

  • Wildhild from the Lootpack kicks the rhymes on Hardcore Hustle. He sounds exactly like The GZA on this song. Makes me want to hear more Wildchild, or maybe I miss the GZA. Liquid Swords, nuff said.

  • Fancy Clown has the best title ever and a very cool soul-style beat that Kanye West might cook up. Madlib is a talented producer, All Caps is another tight beat with a dirty drum track with some crazy piano and horns meshing nicely.

  • 'The Rocket Scientist with the pocket wine list' - great line

  • There are no choruses on this album, just straight beats and lyrics.
So there you have it, some Naedoo-style mental diarrhea. Will it help you decide whether or not to get Madvillainy? Probably not, but wasn't it fun?


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