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Album: Subtitulo
Artist: Josh Rouse
Singer/song writers usually wear their heart on their sleeve. What they are going through is usually not much of a secret. Love, loss and heartache + catchy acoustic riffs or challenging arrangements are usually par for the course. With Josh Rouse's new album, Subtitulo, you don't have to look much farther than the title.

Josh recently picked up and left Nashville and rented a place in Spain to get away from everything. His record contract ended, and he started his own label (Bedroom Classics). This new start in life shows on his new record. The album is very upbeat and reflective. Starting with the fantastic single, Quiet Town, Josh basically walks people through where's at physically and mentally, and it seems to be a positive place.

This upbeat nature continues throughout the disc. Gone is a lot of the subtle slide guitar sounds that made me love Nashville (don't worry, a few tracks still use a great sounding pedal steel), and in their place is some bouncy bass lines It Looks Like Love and Josh using his falsetto more frequently. The songs are poppier and happier in sound, even when they are focusing on more emotional subject matter (Givin' It Up For Good), but I am digging that about the record. He even strays close to the Money Mark style music that a lot of the Brushfire boys are using (made famous by the grooves on Check Your Head) on His Majesty Rides. He seems to be in a place where he is seeing the good that is around him, or the

Josh tries some new things on this record, including an instrumental number, obviously influenced by his Mediterranean edifice as well as a duet with Paz Suey that takes on a Girl from Ipanema feel (The Man Who...) and for the most part, they work well. Fans of his will still enjoy his songwriting, but hopefully appreciate the new touches he adds to this very personal record.

My favorite track is the closer, El Otro Lado, where Josh goes through a break-up and explains to 'a woman' why he isn't happy, and why he wants to change. A fitting end to a record and a time in his life that is all change.

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