pete bush - demos

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Album: demos
Artist: pete bush
Pete Bush is a singer/song writer with a very diverse background and set of influences, all of which are demonstrated on his 5 song demo. The songs are high energy, and one can only imagine how these would sound live, with the backing of a full band. Pete's vocals are strong, and fall somewhere in between the line of indie rock and pop sounds. Fans of Andrew Bird and Soul Coughing will really want to give this guy a listen.

Simply put, these are catchy multi-part songs, but not over-produced pop songs that lose appeal very quickly. These songs are more than one riff that a singer hopes will be catchy enough to stick in your head. Well-thought out arrangements and transitions make Pete Bush someone that should start popping up on stages on the West Coast quite soon.

The opening track is Fly Away Bird. It's a song ready for radio, which would explain why it received play on YEP, about lost love. The stand-up bass line adds depth to the catchy guitar/vocal hook and you start to see that Pete really makes you feel what he feels when he sings.

The jazzy bass intro to Heroine Sheik will appeal to Andrew Bird fans. The song was originally performed by his former band, Salena Catalina, a sexy jazz quintet based in Pittsburgh, but Pete adds a feedback heavy bass line to create a rock feel to this number.

How Apropoe is a catchy number that really focuses on a well-traveled stand-up bass line. The guitar riff compliments the bass line, really making your head nod. Throwback to the Nog is a slowed down, more emotional track, that really brings to mind some of the newer JTB Blake penned ballads. Using only a simple guitar riff, and self harmonies, Pete really expresses his emotions, drawing the listener in until the songs ends with a frantic drum/guitar repetition of the chorus. This track really peaked my interest, and made me want to hear a full length by this guy, realizing it wouldn't be your standard songwriter CD (trying to hit with catchy radio friendly songs that would help him become a household name).

The final song is by far the most enjoyable. Ester my Ester is a bouncy guitar/stand-up bass track with a sing-a-long chorus. The accompanying female vocals help add to this song, and I challenge anyone to get the chorus out of their head.


Rating - 7.3/10

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