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Album: having
Artist: trespassers william

Trespassers Williams is back, and this time they brought with them a fantastic producer and a stronger focus on finding their sound. The new album – Having - is just out today, and KEXP helped them celebrate with a show this morning.

Using textures and layers of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, the voice of Anna-Lynne Williams sets a smoky mood that seems perfect for film and TV soundtracks. That would explain how the band has songs on the OC, the upcoming film Annapolis and that movie with Travolta and Scarlett Johansson that ended up in the 2 for $16 rack at every video store. Only thinking of this band as a soundtrack song would be selling the band short, as this disc is a great listen.

The three-piece, consisting of Matt Brown, Ross Simonini, Anna-Lynne Williams, moved to Seattle in 2005 to refocus the songwriting process. They hooked up with Dave Fridman (Mercury Rev, Flaming Lips, Mogwai to name a few bands he has helped form a sound) and the result is a sad, depressing, beautiful experience.

Anna's voice will be welcomed by fans of Mazzy Star, Sia and Dido, but the instrumentation helps this band stand out from the easy comparisons. The music pairs seamlessly with Anna's lyrics of waiting for love and heartache. The difference between TW and so many other bands attempting the same ideas is that their songs change tempo and sounds so perfectly that the disc doens't just blend together. Sparse and subtle guitars crescendo to set the emotion of the track, or hush to reveal the fragility of the lyrics. The percussion and programming is enjoyable, and the band is focusing on the acoustic vibe performances, so anyone lucky enough to see this band should.

How can I easily sum this disc up? This CD would be perfect at the end of an evening as the vices that drive you leave your system. Understated, emotional, reflective. A perfect comedown to whatever state you are in.

Listen to: What of Me?, And We Lean In, Matching Weight
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