King Biscuit Time - Black Gold

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Album: Black Gold
Artist: King Biscuit Time
Any fan of the Beta Band knows that their unique combination of hip-hop, folk, funk, r&b;, pop, dance hall, electronica and just about every other genre was only equalled by their desire to make crazy ass music that didn't really have any set market.

Well,Steve Mason started his own label - No Style - a new band - King Biscuit Time - and cut out the middle man. No more conforming his visions. The result is a a melting pot of sounds. Steve goes from a dub feel (Izzum) into a folk influenced instrumentation track Impossible Ride, but his use of sounds and textures make this transition possible. This transition sums up the best parts of this record. It doesn't seem like it should work, but it does.

Tracks like the lead single (C I AM 15), Kwangchow and Way You Walk are perfect for fans of the Beta Band. The beautiful melodies, the sweet drums and the Beck-style white hip hop skat vocals are all present on these songs. Although the songs are a little more subdued than his former work, they also have nice tempo changes and crescendos (Paperhead). The album closer (Metalbiscuit is a crazy synth heavy, spacey track that makes you remember why Steve wanted his label.

The infectious All the Way is my standout track. The beat is an earthy type AIR styled production and the little guitar riff and bouncy drums really helps this song out.

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  1. Anonymous 

    It's King Biscuit Time, not Tide and it's out there already if you look hard enough

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