Venice is Sinking - Sorry About the Flowers

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Album: Sorry About the Flowers
Artist: Venice is Sinking
Label: One Percent Press
URL: Venice is Sinking - myspace
URL: Venice is Sinking
MP3: Pulaski Heights
Ranking: 7.2/10

We at herohill are happy to review any promo CD. Taking an honest, unbiased listen is how we are trying to make our name. We don't care if the CD comes from a PR company or a guy mailing out CD-R's looking for some press to help fill up his gas tank. If the CD is good, we'll review it favorably. You probably aren't going to read a lot of negative reviews, because instead of ripping a disc or a band to shreds, we will probably just not write about it We know our cup of tea isn't everyone else's.

That beng said, on certain occasions, after scouring the MP3's that end up in our inbox, we will be so into a band that we will harass a PR company into sending us a CD even if we are North of the border (and the CD is a small release). Team Clermont (with some obvious bias) sent out some fantastic leaked tracks off the debut full-length from the Athens based band, Venice is Sinking. After hearing Pulaski Heights, it was my goal to get a nice review for the band on herohill (admittedly, we don't set our goals too high). After getting the full-length, I am happy to say it is one of my favorite albums of '06.

Sorry About the Flowers is an album that is sure to make a lot of noise with bloggers this year. Mixing equal parts acoustic, viola, distortion, drums, piano, lush melodies and sounds with male/female vocals about breaking up, and loss seems to be a recipe for postive reviews from 50% of the hill team. Daniel Lawson and Karolyn Troupe's vocals accompany the the beautiful strings and guitar and Lucas Jensen's subtle drum backing, rather than try to stand above them. For a debut CD, the band has produced a solid, polished sound that mixes temposkeep the listener interested. The album consists of (9) elegant songs and a 16-minute mismash of earthy, organic sounds (Blue by Late) to complete the album. Highlights include Pulaski Heights, Undecided and Buried Magents.

People are comparing the band's sound to Low, and Galaxie 500 but I'm not sure that is fair to the sound the band is creating. Sure it gives you an idea of the type of mix you are going to get - intricate melodies that don't confuse the song, but rather enhance it, and layers..lots and lots of layers - but I don't want you to think this band is a carbon copy of either outfit. These songs are spacy/dreamy, folky orchestral pop songs and well worth taking the time to really listen to - especially with headphones.

I think the best compliment I can offer is this: as a music reviewer and more importantly a music lover, I listen to a lot of new bands. Some fly under the radar, some are ok but very few make me a fan with one listen. Venice is Sinking has made me a big fan.

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