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Reviews:: Moonface Julia With Blue Jeans On

Reviews:: Moonface Julia With Blue Jeans On

One of the scariest things about how integrated our lives and technology have become is how we are bombarded with torrents of the saddest, most romantic, or heartbreaking moments in an endless loop. Every day we are suffocated by euphoric highs, global tragedy and unbearable cruelty. The results are awful; we are constantly measuring our(…)

Reviews:: Tim Hecker Virgins

These last few weeks, I needed comfort. When I was home, walking around my family home that was now dominated by a presence that will never return, I felt lost. Rooms felt empty. Hoping for any sense of normalcy, I blew the dust off of some of Dad’s old Willie, Lightfoot, and George Jones records.(…)

Friday Fun:: Pup Reservoir

Remember years ago when I talked about how much I loved Boy Meets World, Gob and a band from Toronto named Topanga? Yeah, it’s awesome, but their dead. Apparently Disney put the cease and decease on Topanga, and from the long haired ashes comes the Kanye tweet worthy, all caps, PUP. The name is different,(…)

Favorites-of ’13:: Basia Bulat Tall Tall Shadow

Favorites-of ’13:: Basia Bulat Tall Tall Shadow

Last year, the world was won over by a relatively unknown, Canadian whose voice burned slowly over top of gospel melodies. Al Spx - better known as Cold Specks - was shrouded in mystery. Her melodies, while consuming at their best moments, were permitted liberties because of “the voice.” While different in texture, tone and(…)

Listen Up:: Tom Brosseau & James Irwin

In their own way, both of these songs are asking us to change. “Cradle Your Device”, the new single from Tom Brosseau is a direct commentary, a trigger for action while the 2008, single mic, group recording by James Irwin, unintentionally demands the same action. Brosseau is a people watcher; an observer that finds inspiration(…)

Reviews:: Drawn Ship Ghost Weight

I find it hard to write new things about Lyn Heinemann and her musical output. When she fronted Portico, her songs were huge. Her pen was sharp; she effortlessly documented complex emotions, retold history through vivid characters and shone a spotlight on some of the issues that plagued Vancouver’s Lower East Side. Her new band,(…)

Deeper into Music:: Drawn Ship Ghost Weight

I’m not sure what aspect of Lyn Heinemann’s songs appeals most to me. I’m happily split between her love of college rock guitar sounds and the fact her lyrics are so smart that every song is a beautiful encapsulation of the human condition or a interesting retelling to our Nation’s unique past. Either way, both(…)

Listen Up:: Advance Base The World Is In A Bad Fix Everywhere

It’s no secret I spent a lot of time in funeral homes, churches and surrounded by those praying for answers during the last two weeks. I saw lost people enter sacred ground hoping for relief and affirmation. I saw people forced to trust there is something else out there, some eternal resting spot waiting on(…)

Listen Up:: Silverkeys free tracks 4 internetz

I fucking needed these. Normally, I embrace sadness and am quite happy to exist in a wash of broken hearts and protagonists left to wander aimlessly through life. I’m quick to point out studies that attempt to prove the value of sad songs or comment on the brilliance of stand-up comics talking about the beauty(…)