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Please help.

This isn’t about trying to tell people how to live their lives or what you should do with your life. I’m no better than anyone that might read this post; certainly no saint or martyr. I’m as lost as you, forced to spend way too much of my day trying to determine if I’m even(…)

Listen Up:: Doug Tielli Water Falls

Whenever you hear “African influence”, it’s usually an easy way for a PR pro to warn you that you’re about to get a face full of Fela. Brace yourself for those trademark Afrobeat horns, tribal percussion and pseudo-politically charged verses. Sadly, in most cases, the end result is usually similar to a vulture picking a(…)

Listen Up:: Tim Hecker Virginal II

Much like Dolly Parton back in the day, Paper Bag Records is crushing it right now. This fall alone, the Toronto label is offering up new records from Moonface, CFCF, YT // ST and an Elliott Brood re-release that you should be pre-ordering right now. What’s most impressive is that none of those qualify as(…)

Listen Up:: Robert Loveless explains his Halifax

I know this is corny as hell, even before I type the words. It’s such a schlubby, 1970s, rock writer thing to say before diving in on the greatness of like, Warren Zevon or Jackson Browne. But… it’s true. I’m a lyrics guy. People scan massive torrents of songs looking for the immediate connection of(…)

Listen Up:: Old Haunt Ghost Town

A few days ago, I attempted to dissect the new Provincial Archives song. Craig Schram sings of fleeting hope and mediocrity in a small town, and I mentioned that these are far from universal. Case in point, the new single from the Gertrudes offshoot, Old Haunt. “Ghost Town” is a folk song at heart; gentle(…)

Listen up:: Tariq Moonwalker

The intricate compositions that Brasstronaut creates are a truly collaborative affair. Each note is vital to the melody, each player’s contribution as fundamental as water, food and housing. Of all the basic human needs, it’s clean air that marks the biggest difference in guitarist Tariq Hussain solo work. These songs are given open space, room(…)

Listen Up:: Lucas Hicks & Paper Lions

Almost fifteen years ago, I literally and figuratively walked away from Nova Scotia’s welcoming shores. Without much thought, I left behind family, friends, a lifetime of memories that I somehow wouldn’t trade for the world, but didn’t really want to share with anyone that inhabited it. A few days before I left, I walked the(…)

Listen Up:: Esther Grey Buttermilk

Can you spare three minutes? One hundred and seventy-five seconds of your day. I know you spent more time than that reading about explosive Cronut sickness and 40-year-old dudes that have been playing tag for twenty odd years yesterday alone. Three-minutes. That’s all Guelph’s Esther Grey will need to convert you. In that truncated time(…)