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Listen Up:: The Provincial Archive Common Cards

What a banner week for Edmonton music news. First, Mark Davis sneaks a new song onto the internet and now, longtime hill favorites The Provincial Archive drop a single for the masses. “Common Cards” start with an ominous mix of instrumentation; dark and brooding the song is only somewhat softened by keys and Craig Schram’s(…)

Contest:: Win 2tix to see New Country Rehab in Halifax + new CD

Pretty sweet deal, right? New Country Rehab is the latest addition to the Kelp Records lineup, so that should be enough to pique your interest, but in case you are new here, let us learn you. NCR is like a force of nature when the flood lights are turned on. Mixing reworked classics with remarkably(…)

My Halifax:: Mike Feuerstack

I’m not sure why more people don’t celebrate Mike Feuerstack’s catalog. I’m really not. Feuerstack has spent the last two decades writing unbelievable folk songs and while he has earned the respect of his peers and critics, he still flies under the radar with casual music fans. This is a wrong we at herohill hope(…)

Listen Up:: Mark Davis My Hands are on Fire

In today’s PR-centric world, it’s rare that an album of even nominal artistic merit or musical talent is revealed with little to no fanfare. Track lists, album art; these things are leaked months in advance for almost every long player that gets pressed. So to find out one of Canada’s best songwriters has a new(…)

Listen Up:: Reuben and the Dark Shoulderblade

Over the last few years, the lineup over at Arts & Crafts has become a lot more diverse and - at least for this sadsacker - a lot more interesting. One of the latest signings is a long time herohill favorite, Reuben and the Dark. Although the band has yet to release an album on(…)

Premiere:: The Gertrudes Neighbourhood LP Stream

Those that have been reading herohill for the last few years will be familiar with the Kingston collective known as The Gertrudes. Their EP, Hard Water, blew the top off my dome and with each release they’ve continued to push boundaries and evolve their folk sound. The new recording, Neighbourhood, is a more politically driven(…)

Favorites-of ’13:: Gold Losing Your Hair 7″

Favorites-of ’13:: Gold Losing Your Hair 7″

Sometimes it’s too easy to add a back story to a piece of art. Without question, the new EP from Calgary’s Gold will be saddled by sadness and reflection. These four songs were recorded by the late Chris Reimer and he was the drummer for the session. Knowing this is the last piece of recorded(…)

Favorites-of ’13:: Pat LePoidevin American Fiction

Cleverly disguised under the NPR worthy notion of fictional events in small town America, Pat LePoidevin offers us an engaging slice of Canadiana. American Fiction is set in towns like Canby, OR and Centralia, PA but Pat’s inspiration is actually drawn from years of living in rural Canadian outcroppings. LePoidevin wants what we all want.(…)

Listen up:: Ghost Cousin Breakfast and Tea

I don’t know if the storm has passed or is waiting to explode, but for now, we are basking in morning’s first light. Anticipation and hope; two things quickly being taken from us every time our news feed is refreshed. Ghost Cousin‘s new song is a beautiful escape. Three and a half minutes of peace.(…)

Listen Up:: The Gunshy Silent Songs

It’s been a long time since The Gunshy has been in the studio, to the point I just assumed that Matt Arbogast had called it a day. Days move on, responsibilities begin to add up, and the road becomes a less attractive companion. Gradual retirement is not a new story. Then, out of nowhere a(…)