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Favorites-of ’13:: Odd Years Drawing Lines

Yesterday, Shane talked about how growing old widens the gap between the music we love and the voice of the hip, young crowd. The torrent of electronic blips, noise and nonsense cats like RiFF RaFF have seemingly swallowed up tight bands and polished players, and honestly, I’m less willing to dive in and hunt for(…)

Favorites-of ’13:: Ought More Than Any Day

Let’s start this with the required hat tip. Without the tuneful ears and talented pens over at Said the Gramophone, I’d still be in the dark, instead of basking in the Magnesium like glow of Ought. And that glow is spectacular. The Montreal based popsters burn with the intensity of instantaneous affection, but also conjure(…)

My Halifax:: John Mullane In-Flight Safety

This is a new feature on the hill; a look inside our native city through the eyes of the artists exploring it’s cultural high points. Local joints, food, best cup of joe? We got ‘em. Best spot to get kicks or bump into Ryan Hemsworth? On lock. Need a 300 square foot parachute for a(…)

Favorites-of ’13:: Miserere self-titled

It’s getting harder and harder to separate the past from the present. We struggle to ignore nostalgia, expectations and regrets. We constantly ask for change, but secretly hope everything stays constant and safe. For a select few, the names Jim McIntyre and Kristian Galberg represent a specific sound and point in time when records were(…)

Listen Up:: AroarA #14

There is a weight to this song. Not of sadness, but of power. A moment that hits like a giant fist, turning walls to dust on contact. A grip so strong that it can turn coal into sparkling gems as effortlessly as we shake hello. These songs are built around Alice Notley’s words. Ariel Engle(…)

Favorites-of ’13:: Cousins / Construction & Destruction split

Aaron Mangle opened a night of music at The Company House a few years ago, and was virtually unknown. He played scrappy fragments and sang eyes closed. His family might have been there. Mangle stole the night to the point that I don’t remember the band I went to see. The most remarkable thing about(…)

Video Hits:: Jerry Leger (ft. Serena Ryder) All Over Again

Video Hits:: Jerry Leger (ft. Serena Ryder) All Over Again

There’s a scene in Almost Famous that is quoted so much that it’s become cliche, but the sincere intent of the moment is crucial to the film. “What do you love about music?” “To begin with… everything.” That love of music, a love that lets three-minutes of strummed guitar actually change your life. I don’t(…)

Video Hits:: The Shilohs English Roads

Video Hits:: The Shilohs English Roads

When Apollo Ghosts called it quits, they left a giant void in my (completely fictional) “Favorite Vancouver Band” list. The Shilohs are trying hard to claim the title. So Wild is a delightful record, full of whip smart hooks and crisp pop melodies, but one that doesn’t fit into the trademark grit and noise that(…)

Deeper into Music:: The Heavy Blinkers Health

Deeper into Music:: The Heavy Blinkers Health

Health stands defiantly against the oncoming torrent, refusing to give ground or accept the decision that music was meant to be sloppy, rough or not thought out. Music, like making love, is easily enjoyed on a adolsecent level - visceral, straightforward and fast - but only perfected with patience, a loving touch, experience and time.(…)