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Friday Fun:: More HPX 2013

Uhhhh, there are two things you need to be very concerned with ASAP: 1) The 2013 edition of the Halifax Pop Explosion is but a mere ten days away. 2) You can create playlists on the Soundclouds. To be fair, if you’re reading this, there’s at least a 75% chance that you know exactly when(…)


I amused myself (and likely only myself) yesterday by writing about Aqua Alta’s upcoming HPX appearance by playing on the notion of them being a new band. Well I enjoyed that, so I figured why keep it going with another Halifax band on the come up: Moon. Moon is comprised of five friends active in(…)

KASHKA - Never Had It

I was originally planning to do another Pop Explosion 2013 preview post today, but I liked this new KASHKA song too much to bury it in amongst 45 other soundcloud songs. KASHKA is the solo moniker of former Forest City Lovers-er Kat Burns, and Never Had It will be featured on her sophomore solo record(…)

Teekay - psYYChology ft. A.Y.E.

I meant to post this video weeks ago, but that’s how it goes these days. But I stumbled upon it again while cleaning up the ol’ email box today, and I like the song too much not to post it up. Premier-esque production with a fantastic, scratched KRS-One line (or just word) as the hook?(…)

The Precious Lo’s - More Than Friends f. Maylee Todd

Not sure if you’ve ever heard this before, but music is very adept at making you feel the feelings. Feelings of each and every kind too, but sometimes I just want to keep it simple. Sometimes it’s a warm Wednesday afternoon in October and I just want to listen to something that will keep my(…)

The Darcys - Muzzle Blast

Tomorrow marks the first day of October, and as such, the countdown to HPX 2013 is well and truly on. The schedules for the music and digital festivals are locked in and it’s but a mere 3 weeks until it all goes down. So let’s try and fill in those weeks with some HPX-related music,(…)

Shad - Fam Jam (Fe Sum Immigrins)

The Polaris Prize! People are talking about it! Well, perhaps not many actual people are, but at least everyone on the Internet is! But enough with the exclamation points. Since everyone is still huffing the Polaris vapours, let’s post up a vid from an album that’ll be on next year’s short-list. That album is Flying(…)

Polaris Video:: Colin Stetson

Better put the pedal to the metal if I’m going to finish posting on each video from the Polaris Prize short-list. Just means I can’t be writing a novel each time out, but that likely won’t be an issue today as we discuss our sixth short-listed act, bass saxophone master Colin Stetson. I say that(…)