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Polaris Video:: Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Guys, I had a great idea! Not a “hey, it’s the Tuesday after a long weekend and we need something to post” idea, but truly a great idea. Of course all the cool kids know the Polaris Prize short list was released a while ago, yet the gala is still some 50 days away, so(…)

Shad - Stylin f. Saukrates

Yes, everyone on the Internet has already posted or linked to this awesome new Shad video, but guess what Chauncey? I’m posting it too. As someone who’s already admitted to posting anything Shad releases, while also, just the other day in fact, saying that a Saukrates hook gets you an auto-post, it’d be delightfully hypocritical(…)

Heaven For Real - WANTON

In the immortal words of the legendary Belinda Carlisle, Heaven is a Place On Earth. When the sun is burning bright here in Halifax, I believe her. I say that because I imagine that Heaven, were it to be an actual thing, is very nice, and downtown Halifax, in the sunshine, is extremely nice. Hey,(…)

Maestro - Dearly Departed f. Kardinal Offishall

The last couple years have felt like kind of a musical resurgence for the man named Wes Williams, aka the Godfather of Canadian Hip Hop Maestro Fresh Wes. Of course, being the talented, renaissance man he is, Wes has always been extremely busy, whether it be acting, writing or making music, but of late there’s(…)

Ain’t No Love - Fake Your Dreams

We’ve gone full summer jams mode here at the hill of late, and we aren’t going to apologize for it. This is Canada son, we don’t get much damn summer, so you’d be wise to celebrate it when it’s here. Case in point, it was sweltering here in Halifax yesterday, which led to a bit(…)

The Motorleague - North America

It’s Monday afternoon, the sun is (mostly) shinning here in Halifax, yet many of us are stuck, as I am, behind a desk, instead of running amok and rocking out in the streets. Fuck that. When you have the power of rock within you, as you and I surely do, four walls cannot contain you.(…)

Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils - Bootleg Bartenders

Barroom shenanigans. Since the beginning of MTV-based time, these have been the basis for many a music video. Add this to the fact that the song in question is called “Bootleg Bartenders”, and it’s no surprise that the newly minted duo of Buffalo MC Mad Dukez and T.O. producer Fresh Kils set their debut video(…)