Reviews:: Justin Townes Earle Harlem River Blues

Now that we have the year-end lists and treats put to bed, I figured I should take a few days and talk about some of the non-Canadian records that hit home with me this year. The first, comes from young Justin Townes Earle, a man whose named is unmistakable to any fan of country for(…)

heroHall & Oates

This year we wanted to do something special for the readers. Instead of asking for remixes, new songs or interviews full of badly phrased questions we thought to ourselves, “Selves, what’s one thing we love?” Obviously, something involving the Steelers or Bayern Munich wasn’t really an option, but our unashamed love of Hall & Oates(…)

Favorites-of 2010:: Canadian LPs (1-10)

Ok. The final installment. The big hitters.   1:: Fred Squire – March 12   March 12 is full of some of the most beautiful, genuinely sad songs I’ve ever heard. The songs hit on emotions and fears so real that Fred just can’t turn and tell someone, so he writes songs to tell everyone.(…)

Favorites-of 2010:: Canadian LPs (20-11)

On with the show. To be fair, I would bet there are records that should have been in the Top 30 that slipped outside so I could give some shine to bands I love that are making big strides, but from twenty to number one, we have heavy hitters and top shelf efforts. So sit(…)

Favorites-of 2010:: Canadian LPs 30-21

So here it is. The LPs list. For anyone that might be reading herohill for the first time, the list might look a little chaotic, but for the readers that have been around for a while, these 30 LPs are ones I’ve gushed about over and over again. I wasn’t going to draw it out(…)

Favorites-of 2010:: Canadian EPs

Just a quick disclaimer here; for those new to herohill we only cover Canadian content so my favorites list – note: not best-of, as that kind of debate is a bit pointless – is kind of like the cast of SCTV or peameal bacon. If it had a sweater, it would be warm and woolly(…)

Me Fault:: Pas Chic Chic 12″

Shane’s been doing an admirable job of tying up the loose ends for 2010, trying to revisit the records we missed or seemingly forgot to write about (no, we didn’t forget about Arcade Fire, but appreciate you asking). One that slipped through the cracks for me was the dy-no-mite 12″ from Pas Chic Chic.  (…)