Apollo Ghosts

Reviews:: Masterchef Mae Mae

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been reading and dismissing the (as of yet) failed pop culture experiment that is Bill Simmons new web site, Grantland. The only apt comparison I’ve come up for the bland, boring content is to place the collection of authors alongside any of the many failed “supergroups.”   As with(…)

Favorites-of 2010:: Canadian LPs (1-10)

Ok. The final installment. The big hitters.   1:: Fred Squire – March 12   March 12 is full of some of the most beautiful, genuinely sad songs I’ve ever heard. The songs hit on emotions and fears so real that Fred just can’t turn and tell someone, so he writes songs to tell everyone.(…)

Best-of ’10:: Half way there (LPs)

  Apollo Ghosts :: Mount Benson – review   I’ve been riding Apollo Ghosts hard these last few months, including a constant barrage of tweets/posts to the Polaris jury hoping to help push them onto the short list. Mount Benson is a rough album in construction, but one that’s almost perfect in its fragmented nostalgia.(…)