Canadian Hip Hop

Relic – Golden

Relic – Golden

I alluded to this the other day, but regardless of how you view our country’s largest city (as someone who lived there for seven years, I’ve seen both sides of the coin), there’s no denying Toronto’s place as the cultural epicentre for a great many things. One of these things is hip hop, and there’s(…)

Dan-e-o – Worldwide Vapors f. Big Kish & Maestro Fresh Wes

Toronto! Uhhhh, how’s it going? Perhaps you’ve heard, but Canada’s largest city has been having a few “issues” with it’s mayor of late. I sense this is weighing heavily on the shoulders of Hogtown’s denizens, so how about a little something today to remind us all of Toronto the good? How about helping birth Canadian(…)

Shad – Stylin f. Saukrates

Yes, everyone on the Internet has already posted or linked to this awesome new Shad video, but guess what Chauncey? I’m posting it too. As someone who’s already admitted to posting anything Shad releases, while also, just the other day in fact, saying that a Saukrates hook gets you an auto-post, it’d be delightfully hypocritical(…)