Friday Fun

Tuesday Fun:: Twin Peaks - The Clap

Sure, Friday Fun posts make more sense, because as a norm, Fridays are fun, and Tuesdays are hella lame, but I’m posting this new song from Twin Peaks (Ghettosocks & Muneshine) for a few reasons. Mainly it’s because I love pretty much everything about the song, the Kanye-refused beat from Premo, the very awesome name(…)

Friday Fun:: Paper Lions

  I am, if nothing else, a giver of credit. To put it more succinctly in terms of this music blog: if I like something, I’ll post it. I’m a simple man, the hill’s unfrozen caveman rap guy, and so my credentials as a reviewer of music outside that spectrum are pretty much non-existent, but(…)

Friday Fun:: Twin Peaks

  You’re looking for some Friday fun are you? Well how about taking two of the best, and perhaps most underrated, MC’s that Canada currently has to offer, and pair them up in a project that not only finds the two of them kicking incredibly clever skeeze-chasing raps (word to Heavy D) over mellow, 90′s-inspired(…)

Friday Fun:: Woodhands - No Feelings Mixtape

  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when it’s Friday Fun you’re after, then you can’t go wrong with a good free mixtape. Well, the two kind gentlemen that makeup the electronic behemoth known as Woodhands have made just such a mixtape available to you via Paper Bag Records.   The No(…)

Friday Fun:: k-os - The Anchorman Mixtape

A good mixtape always fits the bill for Friday Fun, and I think we’ve got a good one here. Perhaps many of you have already sampled the offerings on k-os’ Anchorman Mixtape, but if you haven’t, I’m here to point you towards pleasure town. Oh we’re going there.   Seriously, I’m not sure I can(…)

Friday Fun:: D-Sisive - I Love A Girl

It’s Friday, so how about something uplifting from a rather unlikely source? D-Sisive has received much acclaim the last couple years for his often emotionally-raw songs that pretty much as far away from “happy” as you can get. However, D’s latest album, Vaudeville, found D experimenting plenty with his sound and subject matter, including going(…)

Friday Fun:: Rock Plaza Central Dylan Cover

We like to offer you fine folks a little something enjoyable with these Friday Fun posts, and we have exactly that today. How about a cover of the Dylan Blonde on Blonde classic I Want You from Toronto’s Rock Plaza Central? I Want You is often considered one of Dylan’s best, and it’s been covered(…)

Friday Fun:: Mayer Hawthorne Remix

I’m a big fan of Mayer Hawthorne’s debut, A Strange Arrangement, this is something I’ve mentioned already. However, I have to say I’m impressed that so many other folks have hopped on the Mayer train - his album made it up to the 9 spot on the iTunes, leaping over luminaries such as Madonna and(…)