Jessy Lanza - Kathy Lee

I’m just back from a visit with the Ack & his family in Upper Canada (fun fact: many current residents of Upper Canada have no idea that was a thing). It was a great hanging with the Ack and his fam again, tooling around the various areas outside Hamilton, so it only seemed fitting to(…)

The Dirty Nil - Little Metal Baby Fist

It’s Monday night, and if you’re looking for something to jazz up this largely nondescript early December evening, I have the answer. Karaoke! Everyone loves the Karaoke, but who loves leaving the house? As a blogger, and therefore a resident of my Mom’s metaphorical basement, I certainly don’t. Thankfully, we can all share the joys(…)

Emay - Adam

I’m pretty sure I need to find a Kramerica-style intern to help me with my hill endeavours, as I’ve been unable to keep my posting plans organized for a while now. Also, if I had my own Darren, he’d likely be able to tell me that Seinfeld references are going to be lost on the(…)

Friday Fun:: The Dirty Nil Summer Mix​-​Tape

It’d been quite some time since we’d heard anything from Hamilton troublemakers The Dirty Nil. We posted their debut single Fuckin’ Up Young last year, but outside of an appearance on The Teenage Kicks single series tribute to Levon Helm, there’d been no new music from the Nil. Why the delay in putting out something(…)

B.A. Johnston - Truffle Shuffle

B.A. Johnston – Truffle Shuffle

B.A. Johnston, Canada’s favourite sweat-soaked and/or shirtless bon-vivant, has a new album called Hi Dudes! coming out February 21st. The lead single is entitled Truffle Shuffle and features Laura Barrett on the guest vocals. You can call me Chris Traeger, because that is literally all you need to know about this enterprise. Get on it.(…)

The Dirty Nil - Fuckin’ Up Young

Let’s boot this Monday out the door with some raucous assistance from Hamilton fuzz enthusiasts The Dirty Nil and their f-bomb anthem Fuckin’ Up Young which is on their new 7″. MP3:: The Dirty Nil - Fuckin’ Up Young WEB:: thedirtynil.bandcamp.com