Hip Hop

Modulok - Just Not Cool Anymore

I’m planning to post a review of Modulok’s You Look So Tragic next week, but it’s awesome, so you should go and listen to it right now. You can also get a taste of what longtime hill-fave Modulok has to offer this time out by watching the delightfully malevolent video for Just Not Cool Anymore, [...]

Jusfrais - Beat That f. Heartz & Markings

Jusfrais  Beat That f. Heartz & Markings

Fact: Tuesday nights are boring. So go ahead and spice yours up with the delightfully raunchy wobble of Toronto (via Halifax) MC/Producer Jufrais’ Beat That (which also features Heartz & Markings). If you like what you hear, grab Jusfrais’ album Lullabies & Other Bedtime Stories, which dropped earlier this year.

MP3:: Jusfrais - Beat That f. Heartz & Markings
Web:: soundcloud.com/jusfrais

Two Kings In A Cipher - Movin’ On ‘Em

Two Kings In A Cipher  Movin On Em

Watching the dunk & errant oopfest that is the NBA All-Star game last night go tme thinking about posting a basketball-related jam for this week’s Old School Monday jam. Well the first one I thought of might confuse most folks, as the song itself isn’t hoops-related at all, but the video for Two Kings In [...]

Ghettosocks, Muneshine, Timbuktu & Jeff Spec - The Mustard Station (feat. Moka Only)

Dunno about you, but I enjoy this playful, McEnroe-directed video for this classic, can-rap posse cut. And why wouldn’t I? I like all the MC’s featured here: Halifax Legend the Grand Wizard Ghettosocks, Toronto representatives Timbuktu and Muneshine, as well as Vancity’s Jeff Spec (the 4 of whom are reportedly working on a group project [...]

Cadence Weapon - 88

Cadence Weapon  88

Ever wondered what a Grimes-produced Cadence Weapon track would some like? I suppose you might have done that very thing today, considering she has turned a (another, ha!) very popular blog into Grimes Vs. Bear for the day. Well, the Montreal enigma has graced Rollie with a snapping, hissing electronic backdrop for the throwback-themed 88, and I enjoy the results. You might too.

MP3:: Cadence Weapon - 88
Web:: www.cadenceweaponmusic.com

Self Taught - Five Year Journey

Self Taught  Five Year Journey

When they sent me their new album, 5 Year Journey, it struck me that Vancouver hip hop outfit Self-Taught chose a very appropriate name for themselves. I’m sure it certainly describes how they learned their craft, but to me, it’s fitting because the guys that invented hip hop actually created this movement & music that [...]

EPMD - Strictly Business

EPMD  Strictly Business

Seems today is Bob Marley’s birthday, so I figured we might as well celebrate with the most famous Marley sample in Old School hip hop history - EPMD’s Strictly Business, the title track from their debut album.  Obviously an amazing jam, but of course it’s not really a Bob Marley sample that is uses, but it famously flips the riff from Eric Clapton’s cover of I Shot The Shreriff.  So not strictly Marley I guess, but still a fitting OSM-style tribute I’d say. Happy Birthday Bob.

Def Jef - Droppin’ Rhymes On Drums

Def Jef  Droppin Rhymes On Drums

I’ll freely admit to not knowing much about Etta James, outside of the fact that she seemed to be a pretty amazing woman. That said, I certainly had a song come to mind when I heard about her passing a couple weeks ago - it just so happens that the song which started playing in [...]