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Old School Mondays:: More R.I.P. Heavy D

Well, it’s been almost a week since we found out the legendary Heavy D had passed away, and it certainly hasn’t gotten any easier to stomach. I still have no idea what caused Heavy’s death, and it doesn’t seem like there is much consensus out there other than some information about Heav suffering from some [...]

Tour Dates:: Train of Thought Tour

What’s up Canada, you know how you are always going on about “how come no great all-Canadian hip hop shows ever roll through my town?” Well you can finally quit your bellyaching (well, about that at least…zing, I got you Canada, you know you love to bellyache), because there is an excellent hip hop tour [...]

Old School Tuesdays:: R.I.P. Heavy D

This is a rough one. Hearing today that Heavy D passed away hit home, and the only thing I can compare it to is Guru’s passing. I’ve done a number of these R.I.P. OSM posts for various people related to hip hop, but when it’s a central figure from a period in hip hop that’s [...]

DJ Mel Boogie - Vapors 2012 f. Kish, Dan-e-o & Maestro

Vapors 2012
Here is a updated version of the Biz classic The Vapors from DJ Mel Boogie (Maestro’s sister!) featuring Kish, Dan-E-O and Maestro himself. Yes, you read that correctly. Is there really anything else to say after such an awesome into? Nope. You should already be listening to it, but it’s a fun tune featuring 3 Canadian hip hop legends, so you can’t lose. Enjoy.

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MP3:: DJ Mel Boogie - Vapors 2012 f. Kish, Dan-e-o & Maestro
WEB:: djmelboogie.wordpress.com

Quick Hitters:: Backburner - Heatwave

Here’s a fact: everyone loves a good posse cut. That is a fact, is it not? I know I love them, and if we assume most other rational people feel the same, we’ll assume that it is indeed a fact. That fact would then allow us to construct a shaky logic bridge to the assumption [...]

HPX ’11:: Skratch Bastid

So far I’ve tried to highlight a few of the HPX ’11 events that will satisfy those with a hip hop jones in their bones, but I’ve neglected to mention one particular evening dedicated to one of the 4 (traditionally, but now 5!) elements of hip hop: DJing. Thursday, October 20th you can hit the [...]