Hip Hop

Old School Tuesdays:: 1987

I’m guessing this won’t come as a huge shock to you, but some of the music they play on the radio ia quite terrible. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem, because I would simply follow O’Shea Jackson’s advice, and Turn Off the Radio. However, I’ve recently heard my oldest son singing along to some of [...]

Quick Hitters:: Shaun Boothe - Waiting Room

I don’t know if you’ve listened to the “Top 40″ type radio much of late, but there is some really unfortunate hip hop on there right now. I mean, if you had come to me in the late 90′s and told me that one day I’d be pining for the bling & beat-jacking era presided [...]

Old School Tuesdays:: Biz Markie The Inhuman Orchestra

How about some Biz Markie for your Tuesday? This past weekend at a friends’ BBQ, my wife found herself, like so many other intoxicated white people have done before her, belting out the chorus to Biz Markie’s infamous tale of infidelity and unrequited love: “Just A Friend.”   On top of generating many laughs for [...]

Old School Tuesdays:: It’s a Big Daddy Thing Edition

I afraid it’s a day late, and I don’t have any real clever reasoning behind today’s OSM, which features some songs from the legendary Big Daddy Kane’s 2nd album It’s a Big Daddy Thing, other than I was listening to some BDK at the end of last week, and Kane is, you know, kind of [...]

Old School Mondays:: Critical Beatdown Edition

I’ve listened to the legendary Critical Beatdown a few times in the last few days, and since it is so amazing, and there is so much awesome in this post (Tim Dog, The ’89 NBA All-Star Rap done by Ced & Keith!), I figured I couldn’t top it, so I’d re-up it. It was originally [...]

Old School Tuesdays:: Schoolly D

Quick, name the city that you believe birthed Gangster Rap? Chances are you picked somewhere on the West Coast, with LA & the City of Compton likely being the places most folks associate with the genre. Most wouldn’t think of the City of Brotherly Love when faced with that question, but you should: Philly legend [...]