Hip Hop

Old School Mondays:: Rodney O Joe Cooley - Get Ready To Roll

This album is awesome enough that it doesn’t need a disclaimer like this, but I should start out by mentioning that this is a re-up. We love us some Rodney O Joe Cooley here at the hill, and I posted on this album back in 2005 after ripping some of the songs to mp3 from [...]

Reviews:: The Extremities - The Mint Condition

Essential. Despite the frequency with which that term is thrown about by blogger types when they’re trying to add some gravitas to their next amazing discovery, I’m not sure I’ve ever used it a review before. Well I have now, because I think The Mint Condition, the new record from The Extremities, is essential listening [...]

Friday Fun:: DJ Quik

Here’s a long-held herohill belief, that, unlike many such beliefs, is likely also held by a vast number of people: DJ Quik is awesome. I should just point you to Quik-authority Jeff Weiss for a much better version of this post, but no matter, I fell like bigging up Quik today, and so I shall. [...]

Old School Mondays:: Early Public Enemy

Hey now. If there were ever a picture that my 13 year old self would want to Photoshop himself into and live in forever, it might just be that album cover to the left for Public Enemy’s 1st 12″ release, You’re Gonne Get Yours, with Rebel Without a Pause and Miuzi Weighs a Ton. I [...]