Hip Hop

O’Doyle Rules!

Diabolic, Apathy, Paradime, Joe Scudda, Rob Kelly, Ryu, Mac Lethal + Billy Madison = O’Doyle Rules! Here’s an Apathy-produced, cracker-rap banger for you to rock tomorrow for the wearing o’ the green and the puking o’ the green beer.

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MP3:: O’Doyle Rules! - Diabolic, Apathy, Paradime, Joe Scudda, Rob Kelly, Ryu, Mac Lethal

Old School Tuesdays:: Ghetto Concept

With CBC Radio currently in the midst of a month-long celebration of Canadian hip hop (with an all-star showcase taking place on April 2nd in Toronto), I was looking for a Canadian act to feature in this week’s OSM. So Toronto’s Ghetto Concept fits the bill from that perspective, but they’re also a timely choice [...]

Friday Fun:: The Insane Chessboard

The Insane Chessboard is a a tribute to the one & only Wally Champ from Vancouver producer The Dirty Sample. It also happens to be a perfect little compliment to a Friday afternoon: slices of six Ghostface classics laced with soulful, Wu-approved beats and intertwined with a few Tony Stark/Ironman skits. It clocks in at [...]

Old School Mondays:: Big L

This post might have been better suited to last week, but I realized too late that last Tuesday was the 12th anniversary of NY (Harlem?) MC Big L‘s death. It struck me that I’ve never done a Big L-themed OSM before, so it seemed like high time to do one.   Big L is of [...]

Old School Mondays:: DJ Kool Herc

Far be it for me, a mere Canadian with a music blog, to comment on something like the whole rancorous American health care debate, which is completely none of my business. But, I have to say, when I read things like this story about the legendary DJ Kool Herc‘s treatment for kidney stones leading to [...]