News:: Halifax Pop Explosion 2011 Initial Lineup Announced

Party People…Party People….can ya’ll get funky?!?! (said in Afrika Bambaataa Planet Rock electro voice, natch) The summer is rapidly flying by is a blaze of, well, rain and fog for yer pals out here in Halifax, so that’s kind of a bummer. BUT, the end of summer also has a silver lining, football season!!!! Sorry,(…)

The Burning Hell:: FLUX CAPACITOR

Last week you might have noticed a little blast of goodness on our twitterz. Sure, I might have made the rookie mistake of not filling the tweet with slogan laced hashtags or sending it to the major outlets for possible RTs, but it’s great news nonetheless. The Burning Hell – aka, ukulele troubadour Mathias Kom(…)

News:: Generation Ship takes off

Every so often we get an email or press release that just grabs your attention and makes you wish you did something more. Obviously, slogging away on a blog is a relatively pointless endeavor in terms of helping society, but thankfully, ever so often we get the chance to talk about fantastic projects like Generation(…)

News:: The Top 100 Canadian Singles

  It seems everywhere I go for music lately, Bob Mersereau is standing there waiting. Polaris grand jury, we battled it out together. M for Montreal? Seated next to him for media day. Now, with the release of his latest book – The Top 100 Canadian Singles – I’ll be standing waiting for Bob, to(…)