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The Starting Five:: Paper Bag Records

The Starting Five:: Paper Bag Records

As I was watching Dwight Howard’s corpse limp lifelessly around the key last night in search of braaaaaaaaaaains, I was hit by an idea to help promote great labels we love. It probably didn’t hurt the naming process watching twitter explode over Pau’s benching, but the phrase I kept coming back to was “the starting(…)

Reviews:: PS I Love You Meet Me At The Muster Station

There’s a scene near the end of Freak & Geeks when a lost Daniel Desario turns to one of the tag-along nerds, the oddly confident Harris Trinsky, for validation. Despite being wildly unpopular and into D&D and Audio Visual activities, Daniel recognizes the certainty and swagger Harris emits even at such a young age. It’s(…)

Future Watch:: Woodhands

I know a few things about Toronto duo Woodhands, the most important of which for you, the reader/consumer of excellent Canadian music, is that they have a new album coming out on Paper Bag Records on January 26th called Remorsecapade. Now for some of those other things: I know they play brand of electro-influenced rock(…)

Quick Hitters:: CFCF

Pleasant surprises are rare in this day & age, but I have to say, one of the nice things about having one of these nifty music blogs, is that you tend to get pleasantly surprised on a fairly regular basis. This is exactly what happened when I listened to CFCF’s Continent for the first time(…)